Seattle trip – final update

Friday was another awesome day given by the Lord. Don and Tracey found out that some HIGH SCHOOL friends were also visiting Seattle this week, so they were able to have breakfast together. Then, we were able to go to a beach for the morning and remember all the Lord’s faithfulness to us this week! Friday evening, we went shopping for some last minute supplies needed for the volleyball tournament on Saturday. Finally, we were able to babysit all four of the Elliff kiddos to give their parents a much-needed date night! It was so fun! We are praying for an amazing volleyball tournament today. We know the Lord is in it 100% and we are so excited to see what He does!

Today was the big day!! The volleyball tournament happened today. Even though all week the forecast showed thunderstorms, God gave us a beautiful day with just a few light showers. There were eight teams total that competed in a volleyball tournament and it was so fun! There were about 40 people in attendance who heard about the church and were able to fellowship with believers! It was such an answer to prayer. We have truly loved every moment of this trip to Seattle. The Lord opened our eyes to the lostness here and the great things that Roots is doing for the community. Thank you for your prayers and support.