Saturday at young life Africa

Today started with eggs and hot dogs at 8am which was very nice actually! We left Freetown and drove about 3.5 hrs through town to the young life camp in Lunsar.
We did get delayed by a fatal accident on the main bridge on our way to the camp. There was a head on collision just a few mins before we got there so the traffic was backed up while they cleared the road. Henry Fornah bought some boiled peanuts from a girl capitalizing on the delayed travelers and they were pretty tasty! We got to the YL camp about 2hrs later than they were expecting us but we got some good hang out time with the kids, played some games, then we went to check into our room.

Zach stayed with the kids and we went back with Henry and Maurice and had ground kesavah Leaf with rice for lunch. It was my first experience with that and it was really pretty good! A little like curry with chicken pieces. Had good conversation with Maurice about the camp and it is great to see how much he cares.

Back to camp to spend more time with the campers, set up for their lunch, help clean up from their lunch, and play with kids! Picked up more trash but there is enough that we could do that for days but that’s the culture.

We had fish for dinner. Yes, THAT fish. The picture pretty much says it all.

More conversation with Maurice and some of the guys from YL Africa over dinner.

Back to camp to serve them dinner, clean up, pray and help with the evenings activities!
Over 30 kids made decisions to follow Christ after Maurice gave a moving message about sin and gods graces.
Lots of little neighborhood kids stood outside at the windows to hear the message. they were singing and worshiping just like everyone inside and that was really encouraging
Lots of clean up today so we are all exhausted.