Prayer for Bob and Barbara Campbell

Today, about 340 million people do not have any Scripture in their language. For almost 30 years, Bethel Missionaries Bob and Barbara Campbell, along with their sons Jonathan and Steve, have been serving in Brazil with the Jamamadi, a remote indian tribe. The Campbells have developed the Jamamadi written language and translated the Scriptures into their language. There has been a whole community movement to Christ and now some Jamamadi are going from their village to other people groups to tell them about Jesus. Please pray for: The final editing to complete the translation of the Bible to be accomplished in a timely manner; Fodina, one of the Jamamdi interpreters is recovering from a major surgery she received in Tyler; funding for the last steps to publish and print a Bible in Jamamadi; and strength and good health for the Campbells in order to finish the task they have been called to.