Nicaragua team update 5

Today was our last day with the IBAC institute. It was another full day of teaching and instruction. We ended the day with another sermon and then asked the people to evaluate based on what they have been learning. We have met so many amazing people and are honored to have spent the week with them. It is amazing to think of the impact IBAC, Jim, Cairo, and the Bethel team have been able to have on this island of 50,000 people. At the conclusion, we were able to spend time visiting with those attending and it was encouraging to see the excitement on their faces and the energy to take back what they have been learning this week. It has been an incredible week. Tomorrow we start our journey home. We will leave Ometepe, spent the night in Managua before boarding our plane for Houston. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement this week. We have been honored to represent Bethel and Christ this week. Soli Deo Gloria.