Nicaragua team update 4

Wednesday has been another day filled with rain but great things are continuing to happen here in Ometepe and IBAC. Today the participants are continuing to learn more about expository preaching. They are learning new things, and it is exciting to see them grasp the new insight. This afternoon they were able to hear Ross Strader preach on Isaiah 54 and then identify many of the things they have learned. We ended a little bit early today but since many of the people had to wait and ride the bus we decided to take a moment and allow them to ask questions. This was such an encouraging time to see how excited they are to learn the process of preparing Bible-based lessons and sermons. Many of the expressed they were ready to go back to their churches to begin teaching expository lessons and to share the information with others. It has been great to see their notebooks each day filled with notes and information they have been learning. But the highlight of the day is what happened after we dismissed. A young couple came up to us. Lilly handed Jim Wilson a piece of paper that contained several prayer requests. She asked if Pastor Jim would share them with us which she did. The listed included praying for their country that is in great turmoil, for her church, and other young people. Tomorrow will be our last day of teaching and training before we will begin the journey home.