Nicaragua – Day 2

Greetings from Ometepe, Nicaragua,

Today was the first day of the pastor’s bible institute. We had 68 people in attendance with 22 churches represented, which is about normal for the first day of the first institute in a new location. The institute began at 8:30 and finished up around 3:00.

The teaching topic for today (Monday) was an introduction to theology and the doctrine of biblical revelation. Each member of the Bethel team presented a lesson and will continue teaching each day. the attenders had many questions around the discussion of canonicity and the participants seemed very connected with the topics we will be teaching.

We have two prayer requests. First, please be in prayer for us as we teach on the doctrine of inspiration tomorrow (Tuesday). Second, please pray for the pastors who are attending, there is a history of the churches not working in unity but the hope is that this training will encourage more unity on the island.

In Him – Brent

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