Nicaragua Trip 2018


We sent a team from Bethel to Nicaragua with IBAC- Institutos Biblicos America Central on March 10-17. On this trip we’ll be training Pastors through theological education. Follow our trip updates on this page.

Mission Report – Sunday, March 11, 2018
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Today was a travel day as Bethel’s mission team composed of David Gass, Greg Brandenburg, Mark Mattay, and Brent Kirkley, traveled from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, to the Island of Ometepe to teach the IBAC Bible Institute.
Beginning tomorrow morning, we will have Pastor’s from all over Ometepe, start the first day of a one week training that is focused on a survey of the Old Testament.
We ask for your prayers as we teach, that God would lead us and give us wisdom. I also ask that you would pray for the pastors and church leaders who will be attending the Bible Institute. Please pray that God would provide for their needs as they take a week of their time to come and learn. Pray for all of us, that as we interact together, that we would find commonality and fellowship although we are from different cultures.
Brent Kirkley

Mission Report – Monday, March 12, 2018
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Today was our first day of gathering with the pastors and church leaders on Ometepe for teaching “Survey of the Old Testament”.   This morning we had about 58 people show up for training and the first session was led by Jim Wilson (IBAC) giving an overview and timeline of the Old Testament.   David Goss taught on Genesis 1-11 followed by Greg Brandenburg teaching on Abraham (only after having everyone sing and do the motions to ‘Father Abraham’).  After lunch, Brent Kirkley covered Genesis 23-50, and Mark Mattay taught on Moses and the Exodus.

We continue to covet your prayer for our team including the translators. Pray for protection over sickness and for strength for handling the hot weather.  Also pray that we can be a ‘blessing’ to all of the church leaders we are interacting with this week. Thanks

Mark Mattay

Mission Report – Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Day 3 teaching began a 9am as usual. About 60 students today which has been consistent. Most are not from Moyogalpa but take the bus (provided by Bethel) to get to the teaching location.
The following topics were covered today:
I Samuel—Greg
David and Psalms—Mark
The Divided Kingdom—Jim
Job—JimEveryone is well – some minor stomach queasiness but nothing a peptobismal didn’t fix. Thanks for the opportunity. This is a real blessing.

Mission Report – Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Dear Bethel,Today we finished with the four day teaching ministry here in Muaygalpa on the Island of Ometeppe.  The Institute was well attended by about 60
pastors and church leaders each day.  Our prayers have been for God to speak to the hearts and minds of the attendees.  We went to conduct a church service Tuesday nite for a pastor who had been injured in a motorcycle accident  Mark Mattay gave the message and it was a beautiful service about the Unity of God’s people.  It was an hour each way to his church so it was a really long day, but rewarding none the less.We depart the hotel tomorrow morning at 5:15 am to catch the 6 am ferry.  We will visit a market in the town of Masayah (pronounced Messiah) on the way back to Managua.  We will depart for Houston Saturday afternoon.  We ask you to pray for safe and easy travels.Despite the many blessings we have received while here we are looking forward to being home.Serving Him with you,
David Gass

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