Missions Update Italy – The Roberts

“God specializes in turning tragedy into triumph.”

There is never a guarantee that God spares us from pain, but there is the promise that God will never forsake us—and HIS perfect love never fails. He is a God of reconciliation.
The Roberts, supported by Bethel for over 30 years, had a tragic event happen in their new church work. One of the key families of their new church in southern Italy (they moved from the first church plant in Milan several years ago) had a horrible auto accident several months ago. Since the accident, the Roberts have been discipling and meeting the needs of those affected by the tragedy.
By God’s grace, Nate Di Sabatino, one of the five orphans from the car accident last September was baptized the first week in June. The tragic accident took both his mom and dad home to be with the Lord. 
Nate has greatly matured this past year and decided to take a public stand for Christ. It was an emotional time during his testimony as he talked about how God helped him through this tragedy. His older twin brothers, Gioele and Davide, were there and they still have yet to accept Jesus as Savior. 
One of the other orphans who was also baptized, 19-year-old Simone, has also grown spiritually since the trial. In His sovereignty, God used the accident last September to encourage him to get serious about his walk with the Lord.