Mercy Street Dallas – Day 2

Day two is down in the books as a definite win.

The morning started with an awesome quiet time going through and breaking down Matthew 7. A few of our groups had the opportunity to break out into small groups with some of the interns from Mercy Street and really got to dig into the Word with each other and hear how God is speaking to our new friends at Mercy Street. The team would spend 20 minutes observing the scriptures and then they would break up into small groups and spend 40 minutes in a small group learning how to apply what they had just read. It has been exciting to see our students being intentional in God’s word and walking away with truth that is impacting their lives. A couple ladies said that as they read Matthew 7 God was reminding them about some things that have been on their hearts.

After a time of worship and hearing a message from Luke Yarbrough we set our sights on serving the staff and team of Mercy Street. One team took a huge initiative to paint fences, pick up trash, and clean up the facilities while the others went to work on the Mercy Street Diner. They cleaned the kitchen and dining area from top to bottom while another team helped clean and organize the audio/visual equipment. The auditorium of Mercy Street is used for so many different things and the students were able to help the staff with some smaller projects that had been put the back burner. The Bethel students poured their hearts out and served so well today.

After working we all took a walk to one of Mercy Streets’s baseball fields a few blocks away for a time of fellowship. The students played football, kickball, and most importantly; got to cool down with some shaved ice!

As we had been serving and playing we have noticed one huge thing; students from West Dallas are very very similar to students from Tyler. They have the same basic needs: to be loved, accepted, and to be something. We are watching walls come down in the students lives and eyes are being opened to a bigger world. The Gospel is really coming to life for these young people.

After playing in the heat of the day our team went back to the hotel and got cleaned up so that we could go back and be a part of the “Next Phase High school ministry” with Mercy Street. The team ate hamburgers and hot dogs and played with a large group of high school students from the surrounding neighborhoods. Their youth group was very similar to what our students are used to with Wednesday Night Live at Bethel.

Keep praying for all of us that God would continue to open up opportunities to learn from and serve the community of West Dallas.