Mentor Bios

What qualifies these specific women to be a TWO Mentor?

Many things. First and foremost, it’s her desire to connect with and befriend other women. Second, these women have participated in learning about generational differences, organic approach to mentoring relationships, and understand how the next generation woman wants to be mentored.

TWO Mentor profiles are designed to provide Mentees with an overview of individual Mentors, their lives and their primary experiences they desire to share with a Mentee. But like all women, TWO Mentors have deep layers of experiences, and these Hot Topics should not be seen as limits to what they might want to share with another woman. Use this tool as a jumping off place, to put a face to a name.

Barbara Florey
Workplace Relationships, Marriage, Fostering, Raising Teens

Barbara is one of those rare Christians you meet who has walked with the Lord since her conversion at seven. She is a student of God’s word and desires to be conformed to Christ’s image. Barbara is a wife, mother, grandmother, missionary, business woman, hairdresser and cheerleader for all she meets. She and her husband, Mike, a Bethel deacon, have raised three children who are now adults walking with Jesus, as well as, an untold number of foster children. Barbara has three much adored grandchildren. She loves people, travel, shopping and eating out. Her love for the Lord has not insulated her from life’s struggles which include parental divorce and death, but her faith has sustained her during these times.

Ellen Coltman
Marriage, Grief/Death, Learning Disabilities, Teenagers

Ellen loves the Lord and is committed to applying the Word to life. Although she attests to failure, His grace and mercy sustains her. She is a wife, mother of four sons and a grandmother, but has also been a widow, single mom, business woman and writer. She loves laughter, conversation, literature, art, painting, basketball, movies and politics.

Dana Johnson
Conflict Resolution, Marriage – Remarriage, Grief/Death

Dana is a widow, a mother, a stepmother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, and most importantly, by grace, a child of God. Retired from active (paid) employment, Dana desires to serve others through women’s ministry, conflict coaching, and being a friend. She loves visiting her children and grandchildren as frequently as possible. Dana walks several mornings a week and enjoys watching football with friends. Dana loves people and enjoys activities that enable interaction and getting to know you.

Emily Smith
Child with chronic disease, marriage, food allergy, miscarriage, living with chronic pain, ministry, prayer life

Emily is a life long learner who loves theology, bible study and ministry. She has been married for 21 years to her high school sweetheart, and together they have 2 teenage children.
Emily spends her time as a wife, mother, working part-time, and having fun with her husband who is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Emily was born and raised in Tyler and became
a believer as an adult when she was 27. Emily finds importance in serving The Lord through all things and being open with others about life struggles and joys and is desiring to mentor
in a variety of areas.

Julie Reilly
Marriage, Raising Teenagers, Encourager

Julie is a wife (for almost 30 years) to her Aggie sweetheart, Art and is mom to two sons in their 20’s. After multiple moves all around the state of Texas, she happily calls Tyler home. She currently teaches 6th grade math. After becoming a Christian in her late 20’s, she has continued to read and study as she grows in her faith. In addition to keeping up with the Reilly men and their dogs, she enjoys working in her yard, rug hooking, and old movies. She enjoys encouraging others.

Cyndy Johnson
Strong willed children, Working with your husband, Allowing God to change you, Supporting someone through miscarriage

Cyndy is a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and a lover of Jesus. She is committed to and absolutely loves the downtown campus of Bethel. Cyndy supports her husband, Mike, by working alongside him in his office as well as supporting him in his role as an elder of Bethel Bible Church. She has three adult children, all married. She loves having seven grand children – one who came to the family through the fostering to adopt system. She loves one on one relationships and has the gift of listening. She also is a huge supporter of small group relationships as this is where Christian community is at its best. She loves to read, play tennis, walk, listen to music and generally have fun.

Karin Deming
Marriage/loving and supporting husband, Parenting, Overcoming fear, stress, and anxiety

Karin is a wife, mother and grandmother. She grew up in a loving home and although always was in church, she personally believed in Jesus as her Savior at age 16 at a Young Life camp in CO. She and her husband, Joe, moved to Tyler 2 1/2 years ago to be closer to family. During her 44 years of marriage she has moved 10 times; 12 years living and raising her young family in Saudi Arabia and The Netherlands. Although she taught special education in the public schools before she had children, she was a stay-at-home mom once she started her family. She has always volunteered in her church wherever God had her. She loves to read, study God’s word, be with her family and friends, work out at curves, cook and bake. Her passion and desire of her heart is to listen and encourage other women in whatever circumstance life brings them.

Leslie Strader
Marriage, Raising children/teenagers, In-depth theology, Ministry, Prayer

Leslie a wife, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor, PTA mom, friend, ministry leader, pastor’s wife – “I am imperfect and sinful in every way and completely dependently on the Lord for everything I have and am.” Her highest desire is to know the Lord better, love Him more, be saturated with His Word, and obey whatever He asks with humility and joy.  “I don’t have “answers,” but I can listen and pray, rejoice and mourn with you, whatever your circumstance.”

Jan Smith
hospitality, marriage, raising young children, caring for aging parents

Jan is a wife, mother of three and “Nana” to seven. She is committed to Christ’s command to love and care for the least of us…children. She maintains a home daycare where she cares for 7 children 4 days a week. Jan feels that God placed the gift of Hospitality on heart because she loves hosting and cooking for large groups of family and friends for the weekend! She loves sports and cheering on her husband’s high school basketball team as well as the grandchildren at their sporting events. Her primary interest is maintaining the love relationship with her husband, which is 40 years strong.

Drema Domain
Working moms, Cooking, Surviving sexual abuse, Job loss

Drema is wife to David has been married for almost 24 years.  She has two children, her son is 22 and her daughter is 16. She has mostly been a full time working mom. She likes to cook and loves to bake. She loves being active in church, leading women’s bible study and serving on the Women’s Event planning committee.  Drema says “I may not have all the answers but I look forward to getting to know you and doing life with you.”

Julia Juillerat
Marriage, Raising children as stay at home mom, Caring for aging parents

Julia trusted Christ as her savior in her early teens and has walked with Him for almost 50 years.  She met her husband in college and they have been married for almost 40 years.  Together they raised to adulthood two sons and a daughter who are walking with the Lord.  Julia enjoys spending time with her adult children and 6 grandchildren.  Julia sees her roles as wife, mother, homemaker, and grandmother as callings from the Lord.  Three words that best describe Julia would be: nurturing, loving, and faithful.  These qualities served her well as both a stay at home mom and caretaker for aging parents.  Julia has walked through (and survived) the process of guiding children through the journey of competitive sports all the way to the collegiate level (dealing with coaches, achieving goals, death of dreams, etc).  Julia has spent the past six years caring for elderly parents, navigating the process of making decisions while still honoring one’s parents.  Over the course of her life, Julia has moved several times so she understands the process of relocating a family and all that is involved in starting life over in a new location. Julia enjoys walking, reading, sewing & other needle crafts, and cooking & baking.

Stephanie East
Fostering/Adoption, Job Changes, Ministry Wife, Large Family

Stephanie has been married to Kevin for 11 years. They have 5 children; three of them naturally and the youngest two supernaturally, through the gift of foster and adoption. Stephanie is passionate about fostering and adoption and has a great love for all children. She considers herself an avid reader and enjoys running to some good music. She considers herself an organized person, loves to laugh and travel with her husband.

Jamie Reason
Moving to new cities often, Raising child with chronic illness, Bible Study

Jamie is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, musician, and most importantly, by grace, a child of God. Since becoming a Christian in middle school while being raised in a non-Christian home, Jamie has been involved in discipleship and worship teams. She has been married 34 years and has raised three children. Her love for kids of all ages is evident in her 30 years of teaching. Jamie loves digging into the Word, being a friend, music, sewing, gardening and swimming.

Pam Meredith
marriage/working mom, Christian books, depression

Pam is a wife of 37 years, mother of one married daughter and grandmother to one granddaughter. Pam was a working mom and now owns Meredith Dental Lab here in Tyler. They moved to Tyler five years ago from the Dallas area. Pam came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior as an adult after listening to a Christian radio station in her home. She enjoys gardening, sewing, decorating her home and reading. One of the things she loves to do is read Christian books and discuss them with other women.  She would love to talk to younger women and help them grow in their spiritual lives.

Vicki Alley
Alcoholism addiction in a family member or friend, Parenting/child in prison, Overcoming marital infidelity

Vicki has been married 42 years and is a mother, step-mother, grandmother and a grateful child of God. She is a registered nurse at ETMC Behavioral Health and enjoys tennis, movies, reading, playing with grand babies, sewing, gardening and scrapbooking. In child rearing years, her husband spent 5-6 months a year off shore. Vicki would love to mentor women under 50 in any topic.

Susan Barton
Studying the Bible, raising children, marriage, vocational ministry

Susan has walked with the Lord since she was a child and still loves to dive into his Word to know him more. A Tyler native, she supports her husband in ministry at the downtown campus, and they are raising two teenaged boys. In every step of life, she is still learning the depths of God’s love and grace and how to trust him more. She loves the Bible and enjoys art, literature, music, history, and movies; in all of those things, she loves to see how the Lord reveals himself to us. She would like to be a good cook and a runner, but since she’s not, she would rather hang out with you, watch old musicals, and eat ice cream.

Shirley Miller
Marriage/divorce, care giver, encouraging a deeper trust in the Lord

Shirley came to know the Lord early in life. Raised in rural Alabama, Shirley learned at a young age to rely on and trust in God in even the smallest things. She credits this to God placing her in an abusive, severely dysfunctional family. What Shirley learned from her upbringing was that God, and the presence of the Lord in her life was the one constant in her life, the handrails on the bridge that allowed her to move forward. Divorced in her late twenties, she met and married Robb. Their blended family includes a daughter, son and two grandchildren. Shirley is a retired nurse. This has given her considerable experience helping people deal with some of the most difficult issues of life. Shirley enjoys starting the day listening to Christian music. Two of her favorite songs are “Give Me Jesus” and “The Warrior is a Child.” She desires, in Christ, to love you, walk with you, cry with you, rejoice with you and grow with you.

Carole Hodges
Marriage issues/intimacy, Parenting, Encourager

Carol is a wife of 35 years, has one married son and two granddaughters. She has taught in the public schools and homeschooled her son. Carole has a business degree, teaching degree and masters in marriage/family therapy. While working on her doctorate she realized that the study of the Bible takes precedence over all earthly knowledge. She came to know The Lord Jesus as an adult from attending a women’s event at church. She loves to travel, read and encourage women in their marriages.

Heather Fletcher
Chronic pain, natural health, marriage, walking through heartbreak

Heather is a wife of 22 years and the mother of 3 sons, who are now all teenagers.  She came to know the Lord at a very young age and has always desired to know God and His Word.  She is an extrovert and loves spending time with other women, encouraging and being encouraged in their walk with the Lord.  She loves to drink coffee, read, crazy quilting, and travel, do Bible study, and watch her boys play sports.  Her husband’s position in leadership, raising 3 boys to become godly men, as well as her mother’s journey with terminal brain cancer has caused her to pursue, trust, and depend on the Lord daily.  She feels it is her highest calling to be the wife her husband needs and mother her boys in such a way that brings glory to God.  She loves to talk about how to grow in these areas and share with other women how God is sanctifying her through that process.

Robin Gillmore
Discipline and our responsibility in God’s sanctifying work, Marriage, Parenting

Robin is a wife of 33 years and mother of 3 grown sons, two of which are in the military. She began to truly seek out a closer relationship with the Lord after a long season of compromises that caused her marriage to falter. Through God’s discipline she learned the reality of Romans 8:28; “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” She is quick to be transparent about life’s struggles and is faithful to point others to God’s truth. She is passionate about bible study and finds pleasure in creative projects. Other than loathing leg day at the gym, she enjoys most activities.

Marcia Alderson
Marriage, Raising young children/teenagers, Cooking and crafting, Choosing schools for children

Marcia has been married to Mark for thirty plus years and they have two grown children. She began to understand what it means to walk with Jesus in her twenties and has been intentional in doing so ever since. She is a woman committed to truth; to helping others look to the Lord and understand His guidance and provision. Along with her husband, she meets with couples to work through life’s challenges, and loves to do the same with women. Marcia says, “Many days and often moment by moment, I am aware of my constant need for God’s grace and wisdom and grateful that both are extravagantly given.” She loves gardening, walking in the woods with her dog, bicycling at the beach, and caring for the elderly.

Francee Woods
Marriage to non-believer, Teenage stress, Learning disabilities, Travel

Francee desires to extend grace and unconditional love at every opportunity. She is a wife and mother of two millennials. While Francee describes her path with the Lord as a winding road, she is grateful that He continues to reveal Himself to her. She enjoys riding a motorcycle, walking, yoga, reading and camping. But Francee’s priority is spending time with her husband.


Debbie Ezzell
Coming Soon

Debbie is a business owner and career woman who has been married to Larry for over 30 years after meeting in California.  They came to be a part of Bethel in 1998 at the South campus and now worship Downtown.  She became a Christian later in life and has experienced the amazing grace of Christ that heals not only our relationship with Himself, but also with others.  She is a devoted follower of Jesus who arises early to spend time with Him before the day begins.  Debbie does not have biological children but she and Larry have two adult children from his previous marriage, and 5 grandchildren, as well as an adopted daughter.  Debbie is also the primary caregiver for her two elderly parents.  She has walked through dysfunction that alcohol brings to life and has been in recovery group settings.  Debbie has the desire to love, lead and teach women that may cross her path.  She has strong family ties and feels blessed to have her family close now.  Her favorite food is sushi, she likes to play golf (sometimes) just to be outside, and she likes to cook when there is a crowd to eat it all up.

Elizabeth Murphy
Marriage, Children in Teens and College, Biblical Exploration, How to relate to unbelieving family members, and dealing with depression in family.

Elizabeth has been following Christ since she was 17. Although this road has not always been straight, she has seen God’s hand in every detour. Elizabeth is blessed with and by her husband of 28 years, John, and 2 grown daughters. As an educator and professional trainer, she has been able to feed her insatiable desire to learn every day and pass on learning to others. From the Bible to theology to cozy and historical mysteries, Elizabeth is always absorbed in reading. This still leaves time for enjoying travel with her husband, walking, old movies, and time with extended family and friends. Elizabeth loves to walk alongside fellow Christ-chasers—learning and laughing through life.