Meet our Missionaries – Xavier Memba

This year we’ve experienced quite a few challenges. Our MTW missionary Chery’s return to the US and the birth of Rubèn and Noemi’s daughter, Emma-Joana, who needed special care left Xavi shouldering more responsibilities than usual, virtually working alone in pastoring and caring for our congregation. Thankfully, during the past few months Rubèn has been able to return to ministry and several people have helped teach and take care of the day-to-day life of our church. Emma-Joana still has obstacles to overcome but on December 21st was her first birthday, and she is of such a joy for her parents.

Early this summer, we had an important congregational meeting to revisit the vision and mission of our church. We also talked about the process of formally recognizing leadership and a deaconate team. We felt it important to emphasize the biblical concept of official membership in our church. Our desire is to complete this important process in March after teaching series of classes with people who want to become members of CN22@.

In the new year we would like to establish several evangelistic Bible study groups. Additionally, we have a new opportunity to start a Bible study in English for believers. We are thankful for Roger, a professor of English at the British Institute of Barcelona, who is highly motivated to combine his vocation with service to the church. Also, we’re planning an outreach event for Summer 2016 with a group of 10 adults from Westside Church in Colorado Springs and a few others from Bethel Bible.

Please, pray for the following items:

-First Membership Class ever in January

-First Church Retreat ever in March

-Summer 2016 Outreach with American ministry partners

-Wisdom for our leadership

Thank you very much for your prayerful support.

In Christ, and on behalf of Ciutat Nova church

Xavier Memba