Meet our Missionaries – The Murphy’s

Marion & Scott Murphy Ministry with the Navigators

1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese, even with China’s one child per family policy since 1980 (recently changed to 2).  All Chinese families value education, hard work, and success. There is enormous pressure on the child to succeed, because he is responsible to take care of his parents when they are old. Competition is fierce. Pass the test to get into the best junior high, high school, college. All family resources and efforts are focused on this.

The international college students at Georgia Tech are among the best and brightest. Their whole lives have been about meeting their parents’ expectations. No one has ever asked them what they want. But now that they have achieved their family’s goal, what will motivate them? Suddenly they are away from family, all alone in a new country, and have no clear life purpose.

These are the lost ones the Murphys came to Atlanta to reach. We are friends away from home who understand their language and culture. We offer understanding, friendship, and the love of Christ. Unconditional love and grace are unheard of in their world of performance and pressure. It is a fragrant aroma – the love of Christ.  Luke 19:10

Prayer requests:

  1. Sovereignly direct us to his chosen ones as we reach out on the Georgia Tech campus
  2. Wisdom for what approaches to take in evangelism and discipleship
  3. That God will bear lasting fruit through international students coming to Christ, growing in Him, and going back to their home countries as indigenous missionaries


Scott Murphy