Make Room

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted a recliner. I loved the idea of having the perfect comfy spot to read books for school, watch the news, read to the kids, or even take the occasional nap. Plus, it felt like I wasn’t a fully certified dad until I had one. It was like I was missing a rite of passage. Well, after only a single decade I finally talked my wife into letting me get one. But, there was a problem. Our living room was full. Do you think I was going to let that stop me? I started selling furniture and I shuffled things around until, in no time, I had made room for that recliner. Many evenings after supper you will find me there today.

At Bethel we absolutely believe God has a plan to reveal Himself to the next generation and transform their lives. Here is the unbelievable part…that plan is us. It’s not Billy Graham. It’s not even Veggie Tales. In Scripture the plan to lead others to maturity in Christ is always the other members of the church serving one another. And the call to reach the next generation is always given to the generation that has gone before to, as Psalm 145 says, commend Gods ways and His goodness to our children. Simply put, in order to know Jesus and learn how to follow Him what our kids need most is us. Or, more precisely, Christ in us.

But there is a problem. You probably know what it is. I’m too BUSY! We are all busy. We all have full plates. So we have a question to face as a church. How does a congregation living in the busiest culture in history, with endless amounts of good things competing for our attention and resources, follow Christ’s call to commend Him to the next generation? How do we become generous when we feel maxed out? We decide to make room. We decide that commending Jesus Christ to the next generation as a church is important enough to find room in our schedules, room in our hearts, room in our relationships.

In order to meet the needs of our growing congregation and introduce our children to Jesus we need many of you to make room to be present in our Family Ministries, whether that’s for an hour on Sunday mornings, with the students Wed. nights, or serving behind the scenes somewhere. If you can serve then we want to invite you to the Family Ministry Team Training on Sunday, Aug. 28th during the 11:00 service. At that gathering we will tell you all you need to know. All you need to do to sign up is REGISTER HERE. If you are willing to serve I can’t promise that you won’t be busy. But, I can promise – IT’S WORTH IT!

Clint Wright
Family Ministries & Connections, Bethel Bible Church South