Jamaica Trip Update

From Jeff Bice and the Team:
We have had an excellent start to our time in Jamaica. Everyone is healthy and working hard on the long list of work projects. I should back up to say all our travel proceeded without any delays. We were joyfully greeted at the airport and after a fast food stop for dinner we made it to camp without incident.

It is amazing to be sleeping in the cottage that we helped build on previous teams. The beds are comfortable and the fan keeps a cool breeze on us all night. Development around the property and generally beating back the jungle are our main objectives while here. We worked all day on improving the trails and steps that lead people all around this beautiful property. Painting in the bathhouse kept some of us busy. Lush greenery is an understatement in describing the variety of flowering plants that cover every square inch of this place.
After a sweaty day of laboring alongside our wonderful Jamaican friends, we took the short hike to the head of the river that flows next to camp. It is stunningly beautiful; truly a picture of tropical paradise. After a refreshing swim in the cold water we were recharged and ready to get back to work.

Nel Blanken the camp founder has been anticipating our arrival and is full of joy now that we are here. Ms. Barbara is cooking up tasty nourishment for us three times a day. Stephan and Stacey are working with us in preparation for campers to arrive. Oral, Roderick and Lemon are skillfully guiding our projects.

Please keep praying for us:
1. Safety in all of our work.
2. Unity and love on our team.
3. A good response from the children we will meet this afternoon to play with and invite back to our program Saturday morning.
4. Completion of the many projects.
5. Relationships to be forged with our new Jamaican friends.