Jamaica Day 3

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Wednesday began as the others with a cool breeze and great food prepared by Mrs. Barbara. Mrs. Barbara has been serving as the cook of New Generation for 15 years. She also mentors young women, owns a restaurant, and is the mayor of Chester. We then spent the day on our work projects (concrete, painting, weeding the garden, etc.). After lunch we ventured to the primary school of Chester. We broke up into teams and went into the four classrooms. We were able to meet the children, share about who we are and discover about them. We all then shared Christ with them through bible stories. After our time in the classrooms we all went outside for games. The children loved racing us (winning every time), teaching us their games, and playing futball. It was a blessing to see the small school and the amount of education that is happening there. The 6th graders asked for prayer as they prepare for their national exams next weeks. After the school we found ourselves at the favorite ice cream spot for a treat and then enjoyed the beach for an hour. We are now all back at camp getting cleaned up and playing games. We have been blessed with another great day.