Jamaica Day 2 & 3

Tuesday – Day 2

Greetings from Jamaica!

First thank you for your continued prayers!

On Tuesday, we woke up at 7:30, breakfast by 8 and work started at 8:30. Our first task was to finish painting the boards & mix concrete (we didn’t have a mixer and the wheelbarrow is broken) for the ‘Go deh’ pit. Lemon (the handy man) directed us and showed all of us how to work hard with limited tools & a positive attitude (see images). He once looked at me and said “you in Jamaica mon relax!” It has been great working here at the New Generation camp and seeing how they do so much with so little.

After the morning duties were done and the concrete was drying we had to move onto to other chores. For some it was painting and for others it was hanging a gate. Again, we learned how to build a fence with limited lumber, tools & nails. After a long day we took a break before dinner to walk 15 min. up hill to the “river head” to cool off.

The river head is basically what it sounds like, it’s where the river runs underground from the southside of the island and springs out on the property. It is one of the prettiest places we have seen (pictures coming soon). We were able to jump off the rocks into the 50 degree pool and just relax as we listened to the rapids and water falls below. Once we returned we got cleaned up and had dinner… stew peas!

The food has been amazing especially after a long days work. Meal time has been a time that Auntie Nel has asked some ‘get to know you’ questions and wanted to know how we would share Christ in Jamaica. It was a great exercise that challenged all of us. She challenged us to share the Love of Jesus because people in Jamaica already know they are sinners.

It has been neat hearing about life in Jamaica from the camp staff and sharing with them about life in Texas. Whats more amazing is watching a group of people who can have fellowship because of the love of Jesus Christ! Anyway, after dinner we played some icebreaker games and closed the evening with 20 rounds of UNO.

Wednesday – Day 3

Today we all woke up sore but ready! Auntie Nel made a chores list for us so we all divided and conquered! We have been able to knock off chore after chore while we were waiting for Lemon to finish the surface of the Go deh pit.

After lunch we had a wonderful afternoon off. Monique (Nels assistant drove us to the public beach in Runaway Bay! We tossed the frisbee and enjoyed the beautiful crystal clear water. A thunderstorm was on its way so we walked a few blocks to seek shelter and eat a local favorite Devon House i-scream. We were all impressed and want to go back again!

Tomorrow we will try and finish the go deh pit and hopefully cool off again in the river but for now we are back and getting ready for dinner and another evening of listening to life stories.

It is great getting to know one another and we are so thankful for Auntie Nel & her staff treating us as family. This has been such a great experience! So far we have been protected both physically & spiritually. Your prayers are being answered.

Thank you all so much for loving us and allowing us to serve at NG (New Generation camp.) We love you all very much! I will try to write tomorrow but it is extremely difficult to get to the internet.

Kayla does want to wish her dad a Happy Birthday!