Harvey Rebuild Crew

Bethel sent a group of 5 people to team up with Samaritan’s Purse to rebuild homes for people that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Follow this blog for updates.

Blog Update 1/29/18:

We woke up at the church, where we are staying, to begin our first day. Al & Polly, our on-site supervisors began our day by serving breakfast (Polly is our cook), giving a devotional, singing worship songs and a quick orientation of the day. 

Chris, Dan, Rob and myself joined Jan and Kim, 2 sisters from Columbia, N.C. and our Samaritan’s Purse project supervisor, Mark, in getting John & Juanita’s Swengo’s House a little closer to move in ready.

2 pocket doors were prepped and hung in the pantry and bathroom. Door trim, crown molding, and baseboards were measured, cut and installed in the hallway, pantry, and kitchen. The living room was completed after nail holes were puttied and seams were caulked.

All in all, it was a good work day.

In the evening Juanita and John, the homeowners, joined us at the church for supper.

Blog Update 2/5/18:









Our crew continues to rebuild Juanita and John’s home. Stay tuned for another update!

Blog Update 2/6/18:

Chris Walker, leading a team of four Bethel members, traveled to Grace Baptist Church in Wild Peach Texas to support a Samaritan’s Purse rebuild project. The team was joined by two other volunteers; they were sisters that travel from South Carolina. Seven members of this small church had their homes flooded by Hurricane Harvey last August.
The first home that was selected for rebuild had between 1 to 2 feet of flood water in house during the hurricane. The house rebuild work started in mid-January. The sheetrock had been replaced and painted as well as flooring installed the week before the Bethel volunteers arrived. The Bethel teams spent the week installing new doors, tiling one of the bathrooms, and trimming out the entire house.
The week was highlighted by a week-long recognition and praise of God’s blessings to the church members and the Bethel team. The home owners and church members were very appreciative and gracious hosts to our team for the week. We felt truly  blessed by the this service opportunity.
For more information about how you can help with Samaritan’s Purse rebuilding efforts in regards to Hurricane Harvey, visit: https://www.spvolunteer.org/