Greece Trip update 3 and 4

Thursday was an amazing day as we met up with Brad Newport in the morning for coffee. Together we walked through an area of the city filled with refugees and non-Greeks. We heard and saw people from the Middle East, Africa, Asia all intermingling, buying and selling and going about with their lives.

We arrived at the offices of Bridges Humanitarian Initiatives and met a couple who were vibrantly serving the Lord by loving and caring for the flood of refugees. Voula and Elias shared how God had moved in their lives as a Greek/Syrian couple to begin an outreach to refugees. It has exploded into a center full of Iranians, Afghanis, Syrians and more. They come to get food, clothing, counsel and mostly love. They were planning to visit three refugee camps that afternoon just north of Athens. We were encouraged to hear that the Muslim refugees were desperately seeking how to become Christians. Even the police were saying that women were coming to them saying “How can I become a Christian?”. The Spirit of the Lord is at work through these migrating nations!
The next day we visited the Good Samaritan Center for women and children refugees. Husbands and fathers were not allowed to come to this center. The women feel very safe there and can come and learn English, find nice clothing for themselves and their children, and even do laundry. There is a Pediatrician on staff to help do shots and check-ups for the kids and a visiting doctor comes weekly to give check-ups for women who may also need them. The staff team is made up of people from dozens of countries and one of our favorite experiences of the whole trip was when we all prayed together in our native tongues. We heard Farsi, Greek, English and some other languages I really don’t know all praying to the same God and seeking His face to help those in need.
Our last day we met up with Brad and Jamie, our missionaries, at Ancient Corinth. We walked through the ruins and looked out at the vista, imaging the apostle Paul there selling tents and sharing the gospel with the Corinthian church. We saw the Bema seat where he was on trial. So amazing!  Then we drove to Napflio, a beautiful town on the coast. We took in the wonderful sea air and delicious food and quaint side streets full of shops and restaurants.