Putting the Gospel in Halloween

A City on a Hill…

Matthew 5:14.  “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

How can we be a shining light on the Darkest Night of the year?  We aren’t trying to provide an alternative way to celebrate Halloween.  Reverse Trick or Treating is an opportunity for you and your family to bring God’s light and love to your neighbors in a culturally relevant way by turning this tradition on its head.  The week of Halloween (either the weekend before or after school or work on a day before), prepare some bags or plates of cookies or candies.  The treat could be king-sized Candy bars, a popcorn movie kit, homemade (or store-bought) cookies or muffins, you be creative!  Attach a note to each treat.  You can personalize if you already have a relationship with your neighbors, or leave it open.  You can write an original note or something like “On this holiday of taking, we wanted to share a gift with you, Love __Family #address” and maybe one of your favorite Bible verses.   This is sure to take your neighbors off guard especially if you bring your kids all dressed up in costume.  The idea is to make the first point of connection by providing an opportunity to meet your neighbors, and then if possible ask them if there is anything you can pray for them about.  Try to pray for them right there at their door, and make a note to try to follow up on their prayer request.  You’ll be amazed at the divine appointments and open doors for relationship and discipleship you will have if you take the risk to knock.  You and your kids will be bolstered in their faith.  You might even find a neighbor who wants to join you at church the next week!

Also for our family, we had debated on participating at all in the night of Halloween of giving candy or leaving our light off and ignoring it. But we came to the decision to just shine God’s light with the kids of our neighborhood by creating gospel-centered decorations and outreach centered gifts for the kids.  So we decorated our front porch with the message of the Gospel, we used the pumpkin patch parable theme, there are many creative options which you can find.  We bought a ton of glow sticks and printed little strips of paper with “Jesus is the light of the World” and taped them on the glow sticks.  We had great reactions from the kids, and one kid exclaimed “Mom look it says Jesus is the Light of the World! That’s cool!” That’s just one idea, you could come up with great creative treats and gifts to give and ways to tell the Gospel story in your decorations. We believe that God can use this opportunity of kids coming to our door to share the Gospel and to teach our kids to give is better than to receive and to impart a missional heart for them to take spiritual ground in this time of darkness. Consider October 31st an opportunity. On a night known for darkness, we can shine the light of the gospel into our neighborhoods.

Written by Greg Williams

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