End of Year Giving


The end is near! No… not that end (1 Pet 4:7). Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m actually talking about the end of Bethel’s financial (fiscal) year. On November 30th we will close the books on this year and our goal is to finish well.

The impact of Bethel’s ministry in Tyler and it’s influence in East Texas has continued to expand. Our church has been blessed with many resources and our call and desire is to steward the resources we have well and finish strong in life, in ministry and in this month.
Sometimes we have asked you to prayerfully consider year-end (Dec 31) giving to Bethel. At other times, we have asked you to prayerfully consider ‘fiscal-year-end giving’ (Nov 30) This year, we have a ‘fiscal-year-end’ need.

To be specific, our November need is $320,000. That is not an impossible figure by any means. But, it most certainly is a matter of prayer.  This level of giving is what is needed to bring us to break even for the current year and allow us to immediately begin implementing our plans for the next year.

The people of Bethel excel at meeting needs. I see you sitting at hospital bedsides, taking meals to families with new little ones, caring for one another in community, and serving each other faithfully on Sunday mornings. I pray you will consider this need before you and respond as you always do – with generosity and out of gratitude to God for His goodness and loving kindness to you and to us as the body of Christ.

By now you know giving electronically is the easiest way to give at Bethel and I’ve included the link for you below. My prayer is that, in this season of giving thanks, you will prayerfully consider this an opportunity to offer your thanks to God. Giving is a privilege and blessing all believers have access to.

With Joy,