Day 3 of Serve Tyler Week


I’m not sure any of us were really prepared for our service project today!

This morning, everyone was eager and ready to go. In the van, the students were telling jokes, laughing, and making up riddles. Then, we got to Van, Tx. The joking stopped. I never knew how quiet a group of Jr. High students could be. The reality of the devastation left by the recent tornado left everyone speechless. This is where our service project would be today.

The students had the opportunity to serve the Hobbs family. The Hobbs are missionaries with YWAM and serving with Living Alternatives. They told our students IMG_0487that their children were sleeping when the tornado came through and then they heard something that sounded like a train. That is when they went and grabbed their kids and took shelter in their bathroom. By God’s grace 4 large trees in their Yard did not fall on their home.

One of the students said it makes all of my problems seem small when you see what this family is having to go through right now. The tornado cut a huge alley through the the neighborhood, and was less than 50 yards from the Hobbs home.

It was really surreal for the students to see the desctruction left by the storm. They were humbled and encouraged to see how God was using them to help make a difference just by showing up with a few shovels and rakes.

Please continue to pray for us as we finish up the week of service.