Sierra Leone update 7

Flexibility – it’s the #1 requirement on a mission trip. Yesterday, we finished up what was planned at the school, and today we were supposed to be “work crew” for a Young Life Sierra Leone camp. But Young Life decided to start the camp tomorrow, so we had a free day. We took advantage of […]

Sierra Leone update 6

What a great day! It was a long one but a good one. We were out the door by 7:30 am to drive out to our property in Waterloo. As we pulled in for a final day of seminars, the junior and senior high school kids were lined up to begin their day. Marty and […]

Sierra Leone update 5

Today was the final day of training for the Pastors’ Conference. Attendance has been steady and enthusiasm high. Many of the pastors have requested dates for the next conference as they do not have these educational tools available to them.  Shirley and Marty met with 160 girls and discussed issues concerning hygiene and growing up. […]

Sierra Leone update 4

Today we completed day two of the Pastors and Leaders seminar. The students are eager, engaged, excited to be serving the Lord. They ask very thoughtful questions that keep the men on our toes. The ladies taught a couple classes to the teachers. Marty gave a lesson on alphabetizing and how to teach that skill […]

Sierra Leone update 3

On Monday, our team headed to Kissitown for the first day of Pastor’s training in the new GEM building. We were very thankful to see how the generous donations of Bethel Bible members have funded this building which is hosting a school, church, and GEM offices. (Pictures and Videos soon to come.) 39 Pastors showed up […]

Sierra Leone update 2

Today was a great day.  Henry Fornah, the backbone of operations here in Sierra Leone, picked us up and off we went to visit all of our five church plants scattered around Waterloo.  The churches are called Sematown, Mabureh, Lumpa 55, Kissitown, and 5 Mile. The praise and worship was awesome!  People here are loud […]

Sierra Leone update 1

Today was Day 1 that Jerry and I have been in Sierra Leone with the wonderful team of Jeff Bice, Mark Mattay, and Robb & Shirley Miller — but really, Day 1 (and Day 2) began at 7am Jan 10 when we left Tyler to begin the journey across the big pond. Getting to West […]

Greece Trip update 2

Our second day in Athens we started with a visit to a local coffee shop and bakery for breakfast and making friends with the shop owners. We then proceeded to a nearby police station to report the theft of Steve’s cell phone, followed by a visit to a phone store before making our way to […]

Greece Trip update 1

The Lord has truly blessed our journey and time here in Athens, and things have gone quite well so far. The highlight to this point has been having the opportunity to share the love of Christ by partnering with Hellenic Ministries to feed the refugees here in the city. On our very first night here […]

Seattle Trip update 5

Today was a hoot and a half!! We started our day with bus stop handouts of coffee and inviting people to church. We had a lot of really great responses and were able to talk with many people who genuinely were interested in Roots. Then, we got to do our “Urban Dip”. We rode the […]