Nicaragua Trip 2018

  We sent a team from Bethel to Nicaragua with IBAC- Institutos Biblicos America Central on March 10-17. On this trip we’ll be training Pastors through theological education. Follow our trip updates on this page. Mission Report – Sunday, March 11, 2018 Ometepe Island, Nicaragua Today was a travel day as Bethel’s mission team composed […]

Harvey Rebuild Crew

Bethel sent a group of 5 people to team up with Samaritan’s Purse to rebuild homes for people that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Follow this blog for updates. Blog Update 1/29/18: We woke up at the church, where we are staying, to begin our first day. Al & Polly, our on-site supervisors began our […]

Meet our Missionaries – The Murphy’s

Marion & Scott Murphy Ministry with the Navigators 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese, even with China’s one child per family policy since 1980 (recently changed to 2).  All Chinese families value education, hard work, and success. There is enormous pressure on the child to succeed, because he is responsible to take care […]

Meet our Missionaries – Xavier Memba

This year we’ve experienced quite a few challenges. Our MTW missionary Chery’s return to the US and the birth of Rubèn and Noemi’s daughter, Emma-Joana, who needed special care left Xavi shouldering more responsibilities than usual, virtually working alone in pastoring and caring for our congregation. Thankfully, during the past few months Rubèn has been […]

Meet Our Missionaries – The Campbell’s

Meet The Campbell’s with the Jamamadi Village The Jamamadi New Testament translation read-through by the Jamamadi is finished. This is the last  Jamamadi input needed before final publication. To God be the glory! But now, it is time for the mundane. Returning to the States, we are faced with major house repairs. Our son, David […]

Nicaragua – Day 5

Today was the final day of the pastor training institute in Ometepe, Nicaragua. We averaged over 60 people everyday of the institute. The training this week focused on God’s Word, and we had the opportunity to teach about revelation, inspiration, canonicity, and the practical aspects of living a life that lives out the truths of […]

Nicaragua – Day 4

God has led us through another great day in Ometeppe.  Certainly one of the highlights has been the interaction with the conference attendees.  They have really adopted us and we have moved past the stage of wariness, the stage of acceptance and now to the stage of  early friendships and real conversations of gratitude.  They […]

Nicaragua – Day 3

The second day of the Bible Institute on Ometepe saw another full room of pastors and teachers (about ½ are women). They have been very attentive and are asking good questions. We covered a number of important topics today including the inspiration and inerrancy of scripture as well as an overview of the process of interpretation […]

Nicaragua – Day 2

Greetings from Ometepe, Nicaragua, Today was the first day of the pastor’s bible institute. We had 68 people in attendance with 22 churches represented, which is about normal for the first day of the first institute in a new location. The institute began at 8:30 and finished up around 3:00. The teaching topic for today […]

Nicaragua – Day 1

We (Craig Radford, David Gass, Brent Kirkley and Jeff Bice) successfully navigated car, airplane, van, ferry, and 2nd van to make it to Isla Ometepe in the middle of lake Nicaragua.  The lake is so big you can’t see across it; think the Great Lakes size. The island is really 2 volcanic islands that are […]