Nicaragua team update 5

Today was our last day with the IBAC institute. It was another full day of teaching and instruction. We ended the day with another sermon and then asked the people to evaluate based on what they have been learning. We have met so many amazing people and are honored to have spent the week with […]

Nicaragua team update 4

Wednesday has been another day filled with rain but great things are continuing to happen here in Ometepe and IBAC. Today the participants are continuing to learn more about expository preaching. They are learning new things, and it is exciting to see them grasp the new insight. This afternoon they were able to hear Ross […]

Nicaragua team update 3

For the past 20 years, Jim Wilson has been training pastors and church leaders in Central America through IBAC (Bible Institute of Central American). Over those 20 years, Jim has been able to take IBAC to 7 different countries, and yesterday was a result of so many faithful years of ministry. Even with large amounts […]

Nicaragua team update 2

Today was our first full day of teaching on Ometepe. Ometepe is a beautiful island marked on either side by two volcanos. There are about 50,000 living in this picturesque place. And we celebrate today because 90 participants showed up for our IBAC Bible conference. For this week we will be gathering at the First […]

Nicaragua team update 1

Greetings from Nicaragua!  🇳🇮 Safely arrived. Dinner last night with Jim, Cairo, and Friedy. We will connect with Arlen later this morning. It’s a beautiful morning here complete with tamales, plantains, and freshly squeezed juice. Traveling to Ometepe in a couple of hours. It was interesting to hear Jim and Cairo report that we are […]

Seattle trip – final update

Friday was another awesome day given by the Lord. Don and Tracey found out that some HIGH SCHOOL friends were also visiting Seattle this week, so they were able to have breakfast together. Then, we were able to go to a beach for the morning and remember all the Lord’s faithfulness to us this week! […]

Seattle Trip update 5

Today was a hoot and a half!! We started our day with bus stop handouts of coffee and inviting people to church. We had a lot of really great responses and were able to talk with many people who genuinely were interested in Roots. Then, we got to do our “Urban Dip”. We rode the […]

Seattle Trip – update 4

Today we were able to go help at one of the local food banks. It was awesome because it’s like a grocery store there! Today was the day that they do home deliveries to the elderly and people that can’t get out of the house. We were able to pack grocery boxes and bags for […]

Seattle Trip Update 3

Today was a busy, busy day! We started our day by passing out free coffee and invitations to church at a local bus stop. We were able to talk to at least 30 people. We pray our invites fell on fresh ears! Next we walked around the neighborhood and talked with business owners, asking them […]