Day 2 in Sierra Leone

   The Harmattan was more evident today.  This time of year in Sierra Leone the winds turn southerly and bring sand and dust from the Sahara and deserts of North Africa. It has the effect of making it look and feel like the sky is foggy, and there is the smell of dirt in the air.  The dirt smell mixed with the […]

Day 1 in Sierra Leone

         First full day in Sierra Leone. It’s been two years since Bethel has sent a team here to work with our partners – Grace Evangelical Ministries (GEM).  Knowing how fragile everything is here we expected regression in almost all areas but, by God’s grace, what we’ve found instead was great progress in […]

New App!

We’ve been working on the new app for a couple months now and it’s ready! Get the weekly bulletin right on your phone or tablet, register for events, keep up with our Facebook feed (even if you’re not ‘on’ Facebook) give securely, search the church directory, listen to sermons, and much more! Download today!

Update on Van Relief Efforts

We recently received a message from the wife of the Van ISD Superintendent regarding current needs in their community. – Just wanted to update you guys on specific needs beginning to arise from the chaos! The community is asking for diapers, formula, and toiletries. The school is collecting teacher and student supplies for elementary, and […]

Jamaica Day 3

Wednesday began as the others with a cool breeze and great food prepared by Mrs. Barbara. Mrs. Barbara has been serving as the cook of New Generation for 15 years. She also mentors young women, owns a restaurant, and is the mayor of Chester. We then spent the day on our work projects (concrete, painting, weeding […]

Sierra Leone Scholarships

What is the value of your education?  Most of us have many skills that we learned in school like reading, writing, and critical thinking that make us productive members to society.  There are children who would love to have the educational opportunity we have in the U.S.  Sierra Leone is located on the West coast […]

Italy Missions Trip Update 3

Tuesday night’s concert was a great success! The group, Majesty, led us in worship and song and I was surprised and pleased that some of the songs were actually sung in English with the interpretation and testimony given in Italian! A group of 150 students from a nearby camp attended the event, half of which were non-Christian, another huge praise! […]