Seattle trip – final update

Friday was another awesome day given by the Lord. Don and Tracey found out that some HIGH SCHOOL friends were also visiting Seattle this week, so they were able to have breakfast together. Then, we were able to go to a beach for the morning and remember all the Lord’s faithfulness to us this week! […]

Seattle Trip update 5

Today was a hoot and a half!! We started our day with bus stop handouts of coffee and inviting people to church. We had a lot of really great responses and were able to talk with many people who genuinely were interested in Roots. Then, we got to do our “Urban Dip”. We rode the […]

Seattle Trip – update 4

Today we were able to go help at one of the local food banks. It was awesome because it’s like a grocery store there! Today was the day that they do home deliveries to the elderly and people that can’t get out of the house. We were able to pack grocery boxes and bags for […]

Seattle Trip Update 3

Today was a busy, busy day! We started our day by passing out free coffee and invitations to church at a local bus stop. We were able to talk to at least 30 people. We pray our invites fell on fresh ears! Next we walked around the neighborhood and talked with business owners, asking them […]

Seattle Trip Update 2

Today we started the day early with breakfast and a group devotional. We then headed to Roots office where we met with Dave and Kevin – the pastor and associate pastor of Roots Community Church. We were able to have orientation where we learned more about the culture and challenges facing Seattle. Seattle is 96% […]

Seattle Trip Update 1

We left Tyler at 6:30 this morning to head to Dallas for our 10am flight. Our flight was great! Tracey sat next to a woman who lives 5 minutes from her. Amelia sat next to a 25 year navy serviceman. We were all able to have nice conversations and a smooth flight. Once to Seattle, […]

Uganda Trip – update 5

Yesterday we were able to serve another day in Baby Watoto. It was like before when we were helping clean, play with the babies, prepare the food and bond with the Nannies.  One thing that we were impressed by on this particular day was the cell groups they had during the break. Their cell groups […]

Uganda Trip – update 4

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. – Ephesians 4:29 Bethel – Uganda served well today! At many points throughout the day, we could see different team members washing windows, scrubbing […]

Uganda Trip – update 3

Suubi means Hope and Bethel Team- Uganda witnessed hope flowing throughout the Watoto Suubi village today! We began the day with a tour of the village which included a vocational school, beautiful church, self-sustaining goat farm and finally the babies home which currently has over 90 babies that have been abandoned one way or another. […]

Uganda Trip – update 2

Bethel – Uganda had an incredible day today! We were able to experience much of the Ugandan culture today through worship, preaching and even a traditional lunch with children in the village of Subbi. We were able to enter their home and quickly build relationships with them. The orphaned children and momma caregivers shared story […]