BEE World – Paul and Linda Tanner

The Middle East – an area of continued conflict between those who love God and those who seek to destroy them. One country in particular where there is conflict is Lebanon – and yet there is a hunger for the gospel. Paul Tanner, who works with BEE World, travels to Lebanon to meet with Pastors […]

Jamaica Day 3

Wednesday began as the others with a cool breeze and great food prepared by Mrs. Barbara. Mrs. Barbara has been serving as the cook of New Generation for 15 years. She also mentors young women, owns a restaurant, and is the mayor of Chester. We then spent the day on our work projects (concrete, painting, weeding […]

Jamaica Day 1

Our team arrived safely in beautiful Jamaica after spending the night in Houston. We were greeted by our driver (David) and made our way to New Generation Camp. Nel had a wonderful supper ready for us. After a night rest everyone began with our morning devotional and after breakfast began working on the projects . […]

International Student Strategy

Before Musa got out of my car he asked, “If someone believes in Jesus can he go through life without letting everyone know? Because what if that person could suffer if others knew he believed in Him?” Musa is asking a question many who come from his region of the world have to face when […]